Charlie Sheen … What can I say …

Charlie Sheen… What can I say about this ‘little rascal’ that hasn’t already been mentioned?

Has he possibly blurred the line between himself and his television persona (and perhaps alter ego) ‘Charlie Harper’? Yep!

 Will his children one day read about his recent shenanigans and cringe with embarrassment? Again, yep!

But, why is everyone so surprised? Have we already forgotten his ‘youthful exuberance’ during his twenties where he  jeopardized his career by abusing drugs and drink? And, how can we forget that he was a regular patron of L.A. Madam, Heidi Fleiss’ establishment (I’m trying to keep it polite) during the 1990s?

I will tell you how we forgot: Charlie Sheen was on the successful television show Two and Half Men that made a lot of people a lot of money.  The formula was so obviously simple: put Charlie Sheen’s life on screen; add a few characters and a laugh track … and don’t forget to change his last name so the story can be sold as ‘fiction’.  And it worked.

In fact the formula worked so well that Charlie Sheen/Harper was  a welcomed member in the living rooms of many families.   The character was thought to be funny, cute and perhaps a bit of a ‘rogue’!

Yet, during the past few months when the act hit the streets, there have been many shocked gasps.   Why?   What happened to the laughter?  Why isn’t the act so funny anymore? Then again, why was it ever funny ….

– Mantha


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