Must you clip your nails in public???

 From the few posts I’ve made, you can tell that I am particular about what sort of behavior I consider acceptable and unacceptable in public. There are some forms of behavior that I simply cannot accept. At the top of that list has to be the sound of someone clipping their finger nails in the office!

Every Thursday morning for the last two years I have had to listen to the annoying ‘clip … clip… clip’ coming from the neighboring office.   I swear my colleague has more than 10 fingers (and I cringe at the thought, toes!!!) that he tends to every Thursday morning.   Not only does he perform this personal toilette at work with his office door open for all to hear, he insists on coming into my office when he is done.   Like an excited five year old, he holds his hands out to me and says, “Look! My hands are nice and clean now!  My mother always told me to keep my nails clean!”

 I do not know if his mother forgot to tell him to tend to his nails at home and in private.   I do not know if he is unaware that the sound of his nail clippers makes nearly everyone’s skin crawl.  What I do know is this: he ultimately does not care.   Why do I say this?   Well, there are some things in life you learn as you go along without being told by your parents or anyone else.   For instance, no one needs to be told that when in public you do not blow your nose in a tissue then examine the contents for all to see!   You don’t do this because it is simply a filthy, nasty and disgusting thing to do.   And clipping your finger nails at work with your office door open for all to hear ranks right down there too!



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