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Celebrities, Rehab & the Justice System: Black & White

Posted in Celebrites & crimes, Celebrity, Celebrity Rehab, Charlie Sheen, Justice System, Kramer on March 10, 2011 by Olivia A. Harris

 I like to begin my mornings with the news.  I want to know what countries are overthrowing their governments and which governments are throwing away money.   It gives me perspective.

This isn’t to say I’m looking for doom and gloom.   I just believe that as we all live on this plant together it is important to know what significant developments are unfolding around the world.   With that said, I also like a little celebrity news.   It is my form of escapism when I don’t have the funds to book a week-long all-inclusive Caribbean vacation.

 I used to think my escape into the world of celebrity was frivolous, with no bearing on the real world.  The past few years have shown me I am wrong.  Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Kramer from Seinfeld (I can’t remember his real name and don’t think he is worth the effort giving his racist rant a few years ago), Mel Gibson, Winona Ryder, Paris Hilton:  they are all criminals.

Whether you prefer to call them celebrity offenders or some other such pretty name, they are all ultimately criminals.  The listed criminals have committed offenses from domestic abuse, drug use, theft, blatant contempt of court and down right racism.   Each crime is documented. None of the offenses are ‘alleged’, thus unproven.  The evidence is there in black and white. However, in my opinion, the punishments meted out by the legal and courts of public opinion leave me confused.

Winona Ryder’s shop-lifting punishment: awarded a modeling contract by Marc Jacobs the designer from whom she stole hair accessories.  Paris Hilton’s drug conviction: a few days in jail.  Charlie Sheen caught in the prostitution scandal: plea bargain in exchange for naming names.   Lindsay Lohan …I don’t have the energy to write about her! 

All in all, none of these celebrities were really punished for their wrong doing.   However, there are other celebrities who have been punished by legal courts and/or the public for their crimes.  I guess they fell into a different ‘category’ of celebrity given the way their crimes were handled.  Here are just a few:

Todd Bridges: a child star who like Lindsay Lohan had troubles with drugs, still can not find an acting job because of his past. Exactly how many rehab stays and court hearings did it take before Lindsay was locked-up and the courts started treating her crimes with some seriousness? I’m sure it was more than they gave Todd Bridges.

Chris Brown: viciously beat his girlfriend and had to perform his community service. Although the courts commended him on completing the work (and I am in no way condoning domestic violence) he is still is having difficulty with his record sales. I do recall previously reading Charlie Sheen being charged with a domestic incident. The public must be very forgiving because that news had no impact on the success of his sitcom, Two and Half men.

Naomi Campbell: We all know about Naomi’s penchant for slapping the help. The legal system helped her reform her ways by hauling her into court then ordering her to pick-up the trash. It is all on tape for the world to see.  I guess there was no ‘bitch-slapping’ rehab available at the time of Naomi’s trial.  But, I think I came across one of Wynona Rider’s old Marc Jacob’s ads the other day.  That Marc is so forgiving that when he found out that Wynona shoplifted his hair accessories, rather than pay for them like everyone else, he decided to give her a helping hand by paying her to pose in his advertisements.   What a generous guy.

Lady Justice is said to be blind.  But, even in the surreal world of celebrity both the law and public still judge in black and white.